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A collaborative album The Freak Parade and its bonus disc Wanderlandz shared exclusively for free on this page, streaming platforms and on 100 french partnered libraries.
3 videos shot all around the world : Monsters, Song #4C, The Man who became a Rabbit.
95 MacRabbit USB Cards containing the album delivered in 25 countries.
Acoustic versions recorded all around the world from July 2016 to February 2017 (page).
Two live sets performed in France, Ecuador, New Zealand and India : "Valérian MacRabbit Acoustic" (folk) and "Valérian MacRabbit & the Freaks" (rock).
Composed by Valérian MacRabbit and reworked with 6 different teams of musicians and sound engineers (including one for a rock live adaptation in 2017), the album "The Freak Parade" explores the theme of monstruosity through different shapes, subjects atmospheres.
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